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Send grocery in a few clicks
while shopping online for family back home.

Did you know... $10 get you same-day grocery delivery to homes in the West Indies? Yes!

No delivery on Saturdays

Also, You can buy groceries from USA stores. They pack and ship it for you in barrels to domestic and international locations (1-4 wks)

“I find it more convenient, just a click from my computer and I can easily send grocery to my loved ones.”

Mrs. Lewis

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Online Shopping & Delivery Stores

Wherever you are, send grocery to SomeOne back home.

  • Choose a supermarket at the recipient's location.
  • Order groceries online
  • Pay with your credit card - MC, Visa, AE, Diner, Discover.
  • Recipients will pick up groceries at local supermarket.
  • Or, get same-day delivery grocery to your doors.

How To Ship Barrels Internationally

We have partnered with Grocery Warehouses in the U.S.A.

  • You choose groceries online
  • We pack your picks in barrels and boxes.
  • packabarrel ship barrel freights to any destination.
  • Transit time to local customs: 2-3 weeks.

Pack A Barrel Online - we ship international!

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  • 2 Pack A Barrel online for shipping.
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