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Shop & Ship barrels worldwide from USA: 1-3 weeks transit time.

  • Pre-Order Barrel

    Shipping Int'l & Local | April, 2016
    Select a pre-packed barrel with groceries
    You can Customize it too.
    If you choose a pre-packed barrel, the empty barrel is included in the price shown.

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  • Groceries Retail

    Shippping worldwide | | May, 2016
    Customize your choiced barrel with groceries to your liking.
    A minimum of $250 USD is required.
    You may purchase up to $800.00 USD worth of items for 1 barrel with the exception of bulky items such as paper towels or tiolet tissues.
    Please include a barrel of your choice, plastic or cardboard.
    Packabarrel will inform you whether barrel is full or needs more items.
    If not, extra space is fill with bubble wrap.

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  • 55 & 77 gal Plastic Barrels

    Description | May, 2016
    Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.
    Corrosion free, dent-resistant polyethylene.
    Store up to 650 lbs. of solids.
    Quick-lock lid (included) won't pop open in transit.
    Outside Diameter: 22 inches
    Maximum capacity: 375 lbs
    Overall Height 46 inches
    Overall Width 23 inches
  • 55 & 77 gal. Barrels

    Description: | April, 2016
    Safely ship and store dry or solid products.
    Steel rings reinforce top and bottom.
    Locking steel band accepts a tamper-evident seal.
    Metal cover.
    Brand: Grief
    Material Type: Fiber
    Outside Diameter: 22 inches
    Maximum capacity: 450 lbs
    Overall Height 44 inches
    Overall Width 24 inches

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