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Same-Day Delivery Supermarkets

About Packabarrel lets people, especially in the diaspora, order groceries from local supermarkets for their families in the Caribbean islands:

  1. Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Dominica,
  2. Grenada, Antigua, Venezuela and MORE
with same-day door-to-door delivery provided.

With just a few clicks at your computer, you can find local businesses that offer immediate home delivery and pick-up of your order. Such convenience saves you Time and Money

Also, Packabarrel-USA connects you with

  1. Costco Wholesale
  2. Wal-mart
  3. Amazon
where you can shop these and other stores and checkout using our New York address. When arrived, items are neatly packed in barrels or commercial bin boxes for shipping worldwide. This process takes 2-3 weeks to pack and ship to its US/Caribbean destination.

We're happy you're here and are looking forward to receiving your next order!

For contact:
(718) 674-4177