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About Packabarrel

We are a group of Seventh-day Adventist church members who got fedup using money transfer services to support our families in the Caribbean. The transferred money never seems to accomplish that for which it was sent. Therefore, we created Packabarrel as a means of ordering groceries from local stores in their neighborhood for same-day delivery to their doors.
12 years later, customers love us for delivering solutions.
Packabarrel is an online food ordering platform that offers at-your-fingertips grocery delivery and pickup. Packabarrel has been connecting people like you with merchants in the recipients' neighborhoods. That afford us to provide the recipients with Same-Day pick-up and convenient home delivery from their local favorite stores.

With just a few clicks at your computer, you can find local businesses that offer immediate home delivery and pick-up of your order. Such convenience saves you Time and Money

Also, Packabarrel-USA connects you with Costco Wholesale, New York, where anyone can order products which are neatly packed in plastic or fiber barrels for shipping to ports around the world. This process takes 1-3 weeks to pack, ship and arrival at its destination.

For merchants, we offer a better way to reach customers and receive orders. Plus, you can register your business with online for free.

Today, network of stores is growing speedily in the caribbean islands — and we're growing everyday. If we're not in your neighborhood or island now, we could be soon — with your help: check out our suggest a business form and we'll work to put that business online.

We're happy you're here and are looking forward to receiving your next order!

For contact:
(718) 619-8596