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We get people the groceries other people ordered for them - the same-day...

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same-day grocery delivery

You place your order

Enter recipient's location and easily order from local supermarket in their neghborhood.

Online Supermarkets delivered

We send it to the supermarket

We work with the supermarket to make sure grocery is ready for delivery/pickup and shipping.

Same-Day food delivery

Your groceries arrive...

... and you can pick it up too. The supermarket will call the recipient phone number prior.


Send grocery instantly.

  • sending grocery online grocery shopping and delivery

Pick a store

Sending food has never been easier.

“I find it so easy, just a click from my computer and I can send grocery anywhere.”

Local Stores Delivered

  • Choose a supermarket near the recipient.
  • Select a package or grocery items.
  • Pay with debit/credit card with PayPal.
  • Groceries delivered to doors same-day.
  • OR, recipient can pick up at local supermarket.

Buy US Products

  • Choose products from USA Stores.
  • Ship items to our USA Address.
  • We Pack & Ship by Air & Sea. See Cost
  • 4-18-days arrival to your destination.

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